Following the merger of Orsyp/Automic, Dollar Universe and Sysload are now in the lap of Automic.

If you have installed Dollar Universe, in the near future there will not be many changes, however…

You are obliged to choose one of the following three:

  1. You decide to keep your preferred Dollar Universe, but you must use the latest version (6.4) so that Automic guarantees the support of one single version but for a longer time. Some customers have received the guarantee of support for 6 years. Nevertheless don’t forget you will have to migrate to $Universe before the end of the support period.
  2. You follow the recommendation of Automic, to migrate to Automic One Automation to benefit from it’s features and to be prepared for the inescapable migration. We really believe that One Automation is in the Top 5 best Workload solutions.
  3. Automic will not be happy, but you can choose to change Scheduler. Do it if you cannot formalise as you wish with Automic or in the case where you plan to rationalise your workload solutions to another preferred supplier.

If you have not installed Dollar Universe and you wish to use this Workload solution – just forget it !


Our advice:

If you are satisfied with the cost and contract with Automic, the second option is the best for your. Automic could propose a migration (which you must not forget, will be unavoidable one day or another) however it is the best…

If you are not satisfied, or you are thinking about rationalisation or another necessity, the third option would be most suitable. Take advantage of end of support of $Universe and the opportunity to meet you needs of rationalisation or reduction of cost of licence and support.

In both cases, we would be able to accompany you during the conversion of Dollar Universe to Workload Target of your choice. Generally, we are the most competitive to help you in this migration. Taking into consideration the Best Practices of Workload Target, and above all respecting your Standards and Methods of integration. If you have already installed the target scheduler we would also respect the re-use of your objects.

Finally Option 1 is a temporary choice and you should keep in mind imminent conversion.


If you are used to working with $Universe and you want to move to One Automation, you will have to learn new reflexes. These two tools have very different approaches and vocabulary, for example the components, the objects and the conditions are hundred miles apart from each other.