Much before the migration

Open-minded and adaptable

Which ever initiation scheduling software is used by our customers and to which ever kind of solution they want to migrate; our expertise in schedulers is so wide and continually evolving (see our solution uMSe) we believe that we can answer all types of service requests in every context.

More than just consulting, a true engagement

If the context and the objects are not clearly defined, we intervene at an even earlier stage in the project on the consulting on scheduling phase. According to each technical specifications document presented to us by our customers or defined with them; we recommend the scheduler the best adapted to their needs and we do not hesitate to propose competitive scheduling software editors to get the best and most advantageous price.

Audit process and recommendation

  1. Functional Analysis
  2. Define the migration architecture
  3. Put for the “best practices” from the scheduling software editors
  4. Consulting on configuration and software integration
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